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Hotel Spotlight: 'W' Hotel Hollywood - Los Angeles, California - A Starwood Property

Hotel Spotlight: 'W' Hotel Hollywood - Los Angeles, California

Alright, I must confess, there are few things that are sexier to me than a carefully laid out and well run hotel (weird, I know). There is something about the air that seems to permeate a feeling of, "Look at me, I'm sexxxxxy." Whether that is true or not is definitely up for debate, but for whatever reason, whenever I walk into a hotel that has this Je ne sais quoi, I instantly feel better about myself.

The new 'W' in Hollywood does not disappoint. I was fortunate enough to have the lovely Sales Manager take me throughout the hotel and show me the Corner Suites, the Exercise Room, Bliss Spa, the pool area, and of course, the highly lauded Drai's restaurant. Drai's was dark during my visit, so I was unable to partake of the rooftop partying, but I could tell just by the natural flow from their inside restaurant/bar area to the rooftop pool - Drai's was likely an experience I would need to come back to partake of for myself!

As with most of the 'W' hotels, the individuals that work there are attractive, young, and hip. While they are accommodating (especially the young lady who checked me in and the young man who took my luggage to my room), they are not overly fawning, nor are they apt to engage in any unnecessary chatter; however, they are good at their jobs and make you feel like you are a "star" too - even if you aren't.

I stayed in one of their standard, two queen bed rooms. The clean lines and touches of silver and red added just enough warmth to the otherwise simple white bedding. I didn't feel like I was in an insane asylum (like one of the other popular hotels I've stayed at on Sunset Strip), and while it isn't overly plush, its simple elegance was appealing and comfortable. The entire property was a well blended combination of old Hollywood glamour, and trendy 21st century opulence. One of my friends came to visit, and she said she felt like she was in a fabulous spaceship.

The pool area is enchanting and appealing. It's not too big, nor too small. There are sufficient lounge chairs, and the beckoning cabanas flank both sides of the pool, so if you'd like a little privacy, the cabanas are available - for a price, of course. I was able to have a cocktail at the pool bar and take in the California breeze. The day I was able to chill up there was a bit of the "June gloom" that just hadn't quite burned off all the way. There were fleeting moments of sun, but they were short lived, and spaced out.

There weren't many downsides to this property. Yes, it is Hollywood, so you are going to have your fair share of homeless people, skate boarders, and I even saw a blue-haired jogger, but I think that's one of the things that also adds to its appeal. The stars on the sidewalk are always fun to look at, and the area is in close proximity to everything; whether you want to go downtown to the Staple center; relax at "The Ivy" in Beverly Hills, or chill on the beach in Santa Monica, you are only 20-30 minutes away from everything (notwithstanding the horrible traffic). There are great neighborhood restaurants close by. Some old favorites like Roscoe's on Gower, and a new favorite for me, Dillion's (an Irish Pub) located on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Also, I don't want to forget to mention that the valet parking is a very stiff $35 + tax, so with a tip, you are looking in the neighborhood of $40-43 bucks a night! There is free wireless available in the hotels "Living Room" area, and the in-room wireless is based on usage, so the costs will vary.

I can't wait until my next visit so that I actually have some time to relax by that amazing pool area!

Valet Car Entrance

'W' Hollywood Lobby Check-in

Luxe Mini Bar Area in Room

Standard Guest Room

Desk Area

WOW Chandelier in 'W' Living Room

Relaxing in the Chaise of Luxury


Private Pool Cabana Area

Divine Lounging by the Pool

*Photos taken by That Chick

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