Monday, January 17, 2011

Part 15 Of Series: 101 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

Part 15 Of Series: 101 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

It's January and in many states (and other parts of the world) it's cold. Not only cold, downright frigid. In speaking with several of my colleagues, I've made my own personal observation that the colder the climate the more apt people are to go on "impromptu" trips. Several of my colleagues in the Northeast have stated they have had an onslaught of clients contacting them to leave on trips immediately! Some even want to travel in less than a weeks time. They want to go anywhere it's warmer!

By working with a travel professional, instead of them having to pour through several hundred "discount sites," they can contact their travel professional and tell them what they are looking for, and leave the work for someone else. By asking the right questions, the clients can get where they want to go; save some money, and have a great last minute vacation.

Advice on Activities to Book Beforehand - A travel expert can forewarn you of any activities that tend to sell out early so there are no unexpected disappointments when you are there. For example, character dining in Disney sells out months in advance.

General Ideas on Where to Go - A travel expert can offer excellent trip advice based on the details of what type of a trip you want to take. Internet booking sites tend to require a destination up front.

A Trip to Nowhere...Sort of - Want to take a trip to a get away somewhere that is really not a normal vacation hot spot? Your travel specialist can help you find that perfect place.

Great Singles' Trips - A travel agent can help to match you with exciting singles' trips and cruises.

What to Pack - Your travel expert can give you great advice on what to pack to those exotic destinations.

*source information provided by ASTA


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