Friday, June 15, 2012

Bottoms Up! Culinary Connectors - Beer Tour -Preview

I'm calling this a preview because I haven't actually taken the tour yet; however, I was cruising through Culinary Connectors site to find a tour for some clients that will be staying in Aspen for a vacation, and in my perusing their site, I saw the Craft Beer Tour...very cool! I've heard wonderful things about Culinary Connectors, so I figured that it would be an opportune time to try out some of their tours, and to have some fun downtown. It's baseball season, so I can't imagine a more appropriate tour to take right now; especially if it happens to be a day that the Colorado Rockies are playing!

Culinary Connectors operates in Denver, Boulder and Aspen, Colorado, so they provide a variety of restaurants to accommodate many palettes. I will write a review once I've actually taken the tour, but until then, check out their website to see some of the wonderful tours that they offer. Looking at their website makes my mouth water...

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