Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hotel Spotlight: Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, CO

The Brown Palace Hotel has been a permanent fixture in downtown Denver since August 12, 1892; well over 120 years ago! Think about that, 120 years! While the times have changed significantly since 1892, the luxuriousness and steadfast determination to continue to retain its relevancy throughout these changing times has kept the Brown Palace Hotel on the top of many, "luxury property" lists.

Oftentimes when I go into properties that have the older, elegant charm, I feel like they are outdated and need a "face lift," but I don't quite feel this way about the Brown Palace Hotel. Part of its charm is the fact that it is so old, and has maintained itself so well. I'm sure there have been updates throughout the years, but whenever I've been there, I've felt like a part of history, and that I should be twirling a parasol.  I was attending an event there recently, so it was great to hang out for awhile before the event started; especially since the last time I had been there was seven years ago when I took my mom to High Tea.

Roaming around the Brown Palace Hotel is fun. It's elegant, but unpretentious, and they have some of the most beautiful chandeliers on their property. Yes, I am somewhat enamored with chandeliers and snap
photos of them constantly whenever I am at a property that has them. There is a sense of intimacy throughout the Brown Palace Hotel, and what I appreciate the most are the seating areas dispersed throughout the property, so you can sit down and relax.There are several ballrooms on the property, and I can only imagine how grand they must be when hosting an event that is worthy to actually utilize a ballroom for its intended purpose; versus just a conference.

Also, there is the Tavern where you can grab a bite to eat; the center lobby area which hosts High Tea, and the Palace Arms is where the cigar smokers can revel in their own space, and enjoy their favorite smoke with a side of Brandy, Whiskey, Scotch, or whatever libation floats their boat.

Lest not forget the spa. Ahhhh, spa. It makes me feel relaxed just saying the word. They have a plethora of pleasing, and relaxing spa options to chose from, and I have no doubt that the spa is just as luxurious as the rest of this divine property. 

The young lady who was working in the spa store allowed me to wander around their store and snap pictures at my leisure. There is a large selection of spa and beauty products to chose from, so anybody would be hard-pressed to say they couldn't find a product that suited their individual needs. There are splendid and decadent spa packages that are offered, as well as à la carte options too. I scooped up one of their brochures and made a promise to myself to get back there before the end of the year  - one of their spa packages has my name written on it!

*Photos by That Chick Té


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