Friday, February 1, 2013

Romantic Travel, Even if You're Single!

There seems to be some misconception by various marketers,  that only lovers can travel to romantic destinations; especially during the month of February...yes, because of the "V" word.

I won't hate on Valentine's Day, but I do have a problem with  the marketing surrounding it, and making those of us who are otherwise unattached feel like we are unworthy of a sexy and romantic getaway, because, what in the world would we do by ourselves?

While I can agree, partially, that there are some destinations that just seemingly lend themselves to sneaking away to nestle with your amour, like Paris; that being said, those same destinations are just as sexy and inviting for singles too.

When I'm on the beach in St. Lucia, or cruising around some nondescript street in Paris, I feel the romance around me, but I don't feel unworthy to be there. It's just as provocative, sexy and fun; even when I am alone.

There are properties that are solely for pairdom (no, it's not a real word, but it's fitting): Sandals, Couples, some Karisma properties; they all revel and market to those divine couples. You see them frolicking happily together in the water; sharing an intimate dinner for two in an elegant restaurant, and strolling hand-in-hand as a glorious sunset sets below the oceans horizon. Good for them! I think couples should be able to sneak away and enjoy one another.

But guess what? There is nothing stopping a single person from experiencing the same, if not similar experiences. I love strolling on the beach by myself, day or night. There is something so soothing and serene hearing the ocean waves rushing up to the shoreline. And dining alone; I have no aversion to that by any means! I've had some of my most fabulous and entertaining dinners when I've been at a restaurant alone. I'm chatted up by an array of interesting characters - male and female. I can tell you that I've eaten at some phenomenal restaurants around the world, and I have been privy to seeing couples dining together, but barely sharing a dozen words between one another. I understand comfortable silence, but sometimes they don't even seem to be enjoying each others company, and to me, that's a shame, and a waste of a delectable meal.

So, during this month, when we will be tortured by jewelry commercials, chocolate ads, and travel commercials depicting couples frolicking together on the beach; just know that you can have all of that too, and more! 

Rincon, Puerto Rico
My short list of romantic places to be, whether you are single or a part of a couple are as follow:
  • Paris, France - I think that speaks for itself.
  • Santa Barbara, CA - An eclectic, relaxing and romantic place to be whether you are a couple or a single!
  • Aspen, Colorado - You can be snuggled in your room with your loved one, or hunkered down in the lodge in front of a roaring fireplace by yourself; either way is an enjoyable and relaxing experience. By the way, don't forget the Irish Coffee or hot toddy to sip while you languish in front of the fire.
  • Seattle, Washington - I'm specifically going to call out an establishment. The 'W' in Seattle, Washington is a place I have enjoyed immensely alone, and while traveling with others. Its seductively dark "living room" area is filled to the brim on a nightly basis, and a lot of the people there are single (well, at least when I've been there).
  • Jamaica - All you have to do is rent, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," to know that Jamaica is definitely a place for everyone, and anything can, and does happen while vacationing in Jamaica.
  • Rincon, Puerto Rico - Alone, with friends, with a lover; it's just a spectacular place to be.
Viva solo travel!

*Heart photo taken by  Victor Habbick from Rincon, PR photo take by That Chick Té

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