Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wishing Our Olympians Success, Safety & Fun!

Wishing Our Olympians Success, Safety & Fun!

In a little more than a week, the Winter Olympic Games being held in Sochi, Russia will commence. There has been quite a bit of televised awareness around these olympics, but not for the usual reasons. Unfortunately, heightened degrees of security and travel alerts have been made due to the possibility (suspicion) of terrorist activity.

While safety is clearly the most important factor, I am disappointed that it has become the main focal point of these events. There are women and men coming from all over the globe in anticipation of winning in their respective events, as well as attendees coming to cheer on their friends, family members and fellow country men and women.

I am sending my positive vibes into the universe for all of the attendees and participants; while also wishing them safe passage, and the ability to enjoy this (possibly) once in a lifetime experience. 

*Photo "Skier in Power Snow," taken by franky242 and used from freedigitalphotos.net


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Looking forward to another fabulous New Year!

Welcome to 2014!

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*Photo from freedigitalphotos.net