Sunday, March 22, 2015

Winery Spotlight: Matthews Winery

Matthews Winery - Wine Tasting Room
Spring has finally sprung and this is the time of year where we are all antsy to get moving and thinking about big trips and mini local trips that we can take in order to enjoy ourselves - near and afar!

Winery trips are always a treat to me. Whether it's a trip through Napa Valley, or a famous wine house in France; anytime is a perfect time to visit a winery and a wine tasting room - in my opinion. Those of us who appreciate and benefit from all of the work that takes place to transform those delicate grapes to the divine elixir of wine is something not to be taken lightly; after all, there is a lot of time, attention and dare I say, money, involved in the entire process to go from vine to wine.

On a late, rainy afternoon (yes, I'm in the Pacific Northwest, so I believe that may go without saying), I ventured out to Matthews Winery to meet one of the proprietors, Diane Otis, and of course, to have a taste of their delicious wine. We were supposed to meet a few weeks prior, but it was harvest time; therefore, her time was tight, and it was determined it would be best for me to come out after the harvest had been completed. 

Matthews Winery is ensconced in the serene community known as Woodinville. Given the location is a mere twenty miles from downtown Seattle; when you are there, you feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are slight rolling hills and vast acres of land where the grapes are harvested. Numerous wine houses sprinkle the main corridor of Woodinville, and entice you in with their intricate signage that is strategically located in order to get you to veer off course and stop into their tasting rooms.

I pulled into the parking lot of the tasting room and got out of my car. I took in a deep breath and inhaled the smell of trees, rain and a bit of dirt. It's a refreshing experience and relaxing. It is as if all vestiges of stress roll off of your body and you become one with the softness of the surroundings.

During my visit, I had the opportunity to speak with Diane about her venture into the wine world, and it was worthy of  a "Wine 101"designation, given all of the useful insider information that she provided during my visit.

I was surprised to learn that initially the production of Matthews wine was in their Woodinville location; however, in 2010 they moved a portion of their wine producing to Walla Walla, Washington, and today, almost all of their production is in Walla Walla, with only a small amount being produced in Woodinville.

Their ultra premium label, Tenor, has become highly popular since it's launch back in 2008. Showcasing some of their single varietals of the fruits of Washington State, like their Syrah and Chardonnay. I was able to taste a pour of the Chardonnay (as I prefer whites over reds). It was liquid silk coating my tongue. The body was full and had hints of lemon; yet tinged with a bit of spiciness that was not off putting or too "in your face."

Matthews Winery is continually enhancing not only their wine offerings; like their wine-of-the-month clubs, but also encouraging small and medium-sized gatherings in the large area located right off of their tasting room. Diane said they have several events they host throughout the year, as well as private events that are held in this space.

They also boast an intimate Estate House which serves as their on site Bed and Breakfast, with  two guest rooms, as well as the ability to serve small scale gatherings such as a cooking class or private birthday party celebration.

I would recommend anyone to stop through and enjoy a glass of wine and feel the warm welcome that is extended by Diane, her family and their staff.

*Photos taken by That Chick Té