Monday, January 25, 2010

Chef Beau Knows....

OK, I'm throwing in some sports athlete jargon here that, perhaps, may not be known by many...or maybe I'm mistaken. Back in the day the slogan, "Bo Knows," was referring to Bo Jackson. He was a multi-talented athlete who played both football AND baseball. Well, there must be something to that name Beau (or Bo, however, you want to spell it) because they seem to be some talented, multi-tasking individuals!

Beau MacMillan is an exceptional chef who works at Elements restaurant in Paradise Valley, Arizona's, Sanctuary Resort & Spa (yes, I've made reference to this delightful retreat before). I've had the utmost pleasure and opportunity to have ingested more than my fair amount of Chef MacMillan's organic fare - from his succulent sea bass; delicate bacon-wrapped steak; and, tender, organic turkey, served during the Thanksgiving season. On top of that, I've had several birthday parties there, and have partaken of his wonderful "Lunch and Learn" sessions that are hosted throughout the summer months.

I wanted to pay homage to this wonderful chef; especially in light of the new show he is hosting on the Food Network called, "Worst Cooks in America," which he is not. Chef MacMillan is an affable gentleman of great stature, calm demeanor, and self-deprecating humor. He doesn't take himself too seriously, which he should - considering he was not only on the show, "Iron Chef America," but WON the top honors of beating an Iron Chef...yes, the one and only, Bobby Flay.

While so many of us are thinking of dieting, and losing weight for the summer months, I reflect longingly on a piece of seared sea bass prepared so lovingly by Chef MacMillan...hmmm, I may need to take a trip back to Arizona soon! Here's to you Chef MacMillian, I raise a plate of organic, Asian prepared green beans to you!

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