Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"Behold Hawaii" was one of the first movies I ever saw at the IMAX theater when it was first built. Anybody who has ever been to the IMAX knows that the screen is gigantic and simply - awesome. Watching that movie at a very young age left a huge impression on me, and from the moment the movie started I almost stopped breathing. The crashing waves and varying hues of the most beautiful ocean I had ever seen, but nothing could compare to my real life experience.

A couple of years ago, me and a few friends went to Kauai. They all thought it was unbelievable that out all of the places I'd been, I had never been to Hawaii. I guess you could say I took it for granted. When I travel I like to go to far away, exotic places. Not to say Hawaii isn't far enough away (trust me, that plane ride proves just how far away it is); and it definitely fits the bill of being exotic...I guess I just thought, "Oh well, it's a part of the U.S., so I can go anytime."

BOY, I was really missing out. The moment we stepped off the plane in Honolulu and I felt that languid breeze blow over me, I knew I was going to love it there. We jumped on another plane to fly over to Kauai, and I said to myself, "Self - you could hole up and write here." The relaxed nature of the extremely friendly natives (yes, me and my friends were invited by a complete stranger to celebrate Labor Day at their house with friends); the great food, the delicious fragrance of the night blooming jasmine, and of course - the ocean, were all more than I could have ever dreamed.

I had so many memorable moments while I was vacationing there, but one of the most memorable was on a Friday evening. We took a sunset cruise and one of the passengers leaned over and said to me, "Friday Happy Hours will never be the same after this experience!" He was so spot on! The small crew of the "Captain" and his three young, handsome and friendly "Mates" took very good care of us, but the icing on the cake was the opportunity to see the giant Sea Turtles, and the beautiful Dolphins with their babies, who swam along our boat for quite some time before high tailing it out of there before (very predictable) evening showers.

I'm not one of those people that is adverse to going back to the same places again and again, but on the same token, I believe there is so much out there to see and experience, why go back to the same places repeatedly - Hawaii won over my heart. I know several people who own time shares in Hawaii and I can tell you, I can't wait to go back again.
Right now Hawaii is on sale! Some of the best properties are offering wonderful specials to entice people back to traveling again, and with the opening of Donald Trump's newest property, Trump Tower, in Waikiki, I can say that this Chick is chomping at the bit to go back...soon.

Wanderlust is an awesome feeling, so I hope that some of you contact us at Chicks That Trip, so we can get you on your way to Hanalei - you know...where "Puff The Magic Dragon" lives.

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