Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Part 13 Of Series: 101 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

Part 13 Of Series: 101 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

Recently I was part of a travel community webinar that was hosted in respect to travel statistics for 2010 and projections for 2011. I won't bore you with mind numbing statistics, but there were quite a few statistics that stood out for me, and while I do not prefer to recite statistics without the supporting documentation; I will say that the travel agent is coming back stronger than ever.

During the webinar, there were statistics on where people are traveling? Who is traveling the most (age groups)? What the newest emerging group of travelers are? And, how many people are reverting back to utilizing travel agents in their quest for the best, not cheapest, vacation package. There is a misconception amongst people who are not in the travel community that the cheapest vacation is the best. Well, I am here to tell you that it's completely not true, and there are countless travelers that I've spoken with personally who have discussed their distaste for the "bait and switch" tactics that some sellers of travel have resorted. I would be lying if I said that there are not people who really do prefer the cheapest vacation. It doesn't matter if they are only shaving $50 or $100 off of their total travel; they will travel to the farthest flung airports; change planes multiple times, and stay in the least expensive places in order to save a bit of cash. While there is nothing wrong with that travel, if that's your preference, most people I know who are going on vacation are trying to get away from the reality of their finances, problems, etc, so for them, paying a bit more to only change planes once (if at all); staying in a modest to more upscale property, and hiring a private car service is part of the total experience of their vacation.

Being a part of the travel community, it is my responsibility to reconcile a lot of information that's out there and put it into a well formatted, easy to understand form of communication. Working with a travel professional helps to ensure that your investment of time and money is always the top priority in any recommendations that are put forth. While they may not always be the least expensive options, I can say for myself, I listen, really listen to the needs of the client and create an experience they will be happy with and can remember for years to come - until their next vacation!

Advice on Where to Go if You Get Sick - If you happen to be unfortunate enough to get hurt or fall ill while on your trip, your travel agent can help you find somewhere clean and safe for medical attention.

Trust - If you should have any questions after booking your trip you know how to reach your travel agent and can avoid the FAQ section on a website.

You Know How to Reach Them When You Need Them - Problems at the airport? Reservation issues at the hotel? Your travel agent is a phone call away from getting your problem solved.

Tips and Tricks - How early do you really need to be at the airport? What are the quickest ways to get through security? Your travel expert can advise you of the airport security levels the day of your trip and any new security checkpoints you may have to worry about.

Is the Upgrade Worth It? - Your travel expert can help you save money by helping you decide if certain upgrades at hotels are really worth the extra money.

*source information provided by ASTA


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