Monday, January 9, 2012

The Destination Is Only Part Of The Journey!

"Lhasa had never been anything for me other than
a way station en route to Everest.
Now, for the first time, I was focused on this 
place and its people."
High Exposure, by David Breashears
I recently finished reading David Breashears novel, High Exposure. I would do a grave injustice if I attempted to recount the events he described on his multiple ascents of Everest; however, the quote I chose to use in this post resonated with me, because I've often felt that during our travels we tend to disregard everything else, until we reach our final destination; but what could we be missing along the way?

A friend of mine took a road trip during the holidays, from Arizona down to the Santa Barbara area, and then back home through Palm Springs, on her "Tour de California". As I read her post, I thought about how many times I have driven through Palm Springs, but never stayed in Palm Springs. Sure, it's a wonderful stopping point to stretch your legs on that journey to and from Arizona to Los Angeles/San Diego, or any other Southern California destination, and lest not forget the crucial stopping point in Cabazon to survey delightful finds at the outlet mall; however, it was always a place I went through to get me where I wanted to be.

 This year, I plan on doing some travel to areas that are oftentimes places where you simply gas up and continue on until you reach your final destination, but in my travels, these little (not that Palm Springs is little) places will be my destinations, and not just for passing through.

I look forward to blogging about these destinations, and I hope that as you plan your travels for 2012, you consider staying a night or two, in some of the lesser known places as you make your journey to your final destination.

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  1. I'm positive that you will discover many hidden gems en route to your destination! I would have never thought that such a quaint city like Palm Springs would exist beyond those mountains. Thank you for mentioning my little escape :) I look forward to many more.

  2. Yes, I am not a HUGE road trip person, but I do like to do it once a year or once every other year. It's something to be said to be out there on the road - kind of adventurous! Your trip inspired me too =)
    Thanks for the post!