Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year to me. The snow is melting away and everyone is in great spirits because they don't have to be locked inside of the house (well, those of us in colder climates).
I am excitedly plotting my Colorado Wine Country Journey that I will be blogging about over the course of the next few months. As time permits, I am going to visit many of the vineyards & wineries located in Colorado, and I am looking forward to this time to reflect, create, and just be one with nature. It may sound trite to some, but going on a road trip is a good way to clear out the cobwebs of your mind and just - be.
I was recently reading an article written by Erin Bried, in the April 2010 Self magazine entitled, "Your Great Escape: 5 Excuses To Skip Town." Paraphrasing, the article points out five great reasons to go on vacation. I won't rewrite the article, but the five reasons were as follow:
  1. You'll be fitter and slimmer
  2. You'll sleep better
  3. You'll live longer
  4. You'll be calmer at work (I personally can attest to this one)
  5. You'll strengthen your bond

Regardless if you take a trip that is exotic and far away, or a long weekend away, the health and regenerative benefits are exceptional. There is something to be said about that anticipation before a trip, and while it's not always a fun aspect returning to work; I always found (when I was in the corporate world), that it seemed to buy me some more sanity. I probably shouldn't admit to that, but it's true. Going on a vacation was a way to get away from all of the stress and ugliness that can oftentimes be in the work place. While you are on vacation it can help you put a lot into perspective, and it can make you appreciate the fact that you have a job, but it also helps to reenergize you, and to that point, it may help you make decisions that can potentially better your work/life balance.

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