Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Don't Care Where I Stay...

I Don't Care Where I Stay When I Travel

I hear this comment a lot by people who travel both frequently and infrequently, and I always have to hold back a chuckle. I think what people should really say is, "I don't care where I stay if I'm paying for it, but if someone else is paying, I want to stay at the Four Seasons/Ritz/St. Regis." You get the point!

I understand that a lot of us are on budgets, and while I'm not meaning to imply that you can't enjoy a vacation unless you stay at the most elaborate establishments around the world; there is a lot to be said for enjoying a great day of sightseeing and then going back to a beautiful B&B, Hotel Suite, etc, and just relaxing like a King or Queen.

There are many individuals who really don't want to stay at a high-end location because they don't feel comfortable, or they believe it's too stuffy. I get that. I have a host of friends and family members who really do prefer to stay at a place that's more relaxed, less pretentious (as some high-end hotels can be) where they feel like they are at home and can kick their feet up - figuratively and literally. These individuals can most assuredly afford to stay anywhere else, but their preference is something along the lines of a Holiday Inn or Best Western. But, there are others I know and have met who truly do want to live the high life, just as long as they aren't footing the bill.

While I'll admit that I do enjoy staying at an eclectic, less expensive establishment from time to time; in general, I prefer to be somewhere lavish and luxurious. I love walking into the lobby of the Phoenician (in Arizona), and just admiring the lobby area and the high-tea room with it's elaborate table settings and high brow clientele. I prefer jumping out of my rental car at the trendy and hip "W" at any destination, and rubbing elbows with trendsetters and the like. I enjoy imbiding an expensive cocktail while sitting on an exquisitely upholstered lounge chair, in some funky Manhattan hotel (too many to name).

I guess my point is to those who truly don't care where they are staying - please don't look down on those of us who do care! And in turn, those of us who enjoy a little luxe in our lives won't judge your choice of accommodations either!

In this current market, if you are one of those travelers' who wants to upgrade to the next level, there are many wonderful accommodations that are a fraction of their prices from two years ago. One such destination that is enjoyed by travelers' around the world, and is currently experiencing a fire sale that I've never seen before is Las Vegas - even on weekend days! Some of the most luxurious hotels are advertising their standard rooms for less than $100 a night. I recommend anybody who has wanted to stay somewhere expensive but just hasn't had the money, this is the time to do it, because as we all know these prices won't last forever.


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