Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Part 7 of Series: 101 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

Part 7 of Series: 101 Reasons to Use A Travel Agent

Whenever I hear that gas prices have increased I think to myself, "Oh, summer must be around the corner." I don't mean to sound cynical (well, actually I do), but it's curious to me that every year the gas prices always miraculously increase during the heaviest driving/travel time of the year. That's not to say that it doesn't go up any other times, but it's ALWAYS during the summer months. Yes, I realize there are extenuating circumstances that are typically cited for the increase in fuel charges - sorry, I don't buy any of it. I would much prefer that they just come out and say, "It's summer, and we know all of you lovely people are going to be jumping into your cars; taking a cruise; or flying somewhere during the summer, and this is when we can really make the most money."

Gas prices are passed on to the consumer, so no matter what catastrophic occurrence transpires, it is the consumer who is left holding the gas pump.

Recently I've received emails from some of the cruiselines and guess what? Yep, they are implementing surcharges for fuel. Hmmmm...curious isn't it? I never saw that coming.

Wherever your travels may take you during the Spring and Summer months, Chicks That Trip wishes you happy trails - despite the gas increases.

  • Avoid Any Unexpected Expenses That Might Come Up - Travel agents know a lot of the little expenses that you might experience while on your trip, that you might not have even thought of.
  • Exchange Rate Knowledge - Travel agents are knowledgeable of what countries your dollar goes further.
  • Useful Travel Books to Have with You - A travel expert can give you advice on what travel books are the most useful to have with you. Some of these books list restaurants, customs, and small amounts of the local language.
  • List of Not- to- Miss Places - Travel specialists can give you a great list of not- to- miss hikes, waterfalls, and cliffs that may or may not be published elsewhere.
  • What to Wear - Many restaurants have different types of dress codes. If you are interested in dining at specific places on your trip your travel expert can advise you on appropriate dress wear for the occasion.
  • What Not to Wear - Travel agents can help you to be in the know of local dress code restrictions. So if a thong is part of your favorite beachwear you should know that they are illegal in places like the Isle of Palms. (This is one of my personal favorites - nothing like seeing a tourist in a fancy restaurant in Paris, attempting to gain access while wearing his Hawaiian shirt...)

*Source: American Society of Travel Agents


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