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Winery Showcasing: Boulder Creek Winery & Redstone Meadery - Boulder, CO

Winery Showcase: Boulder Creek Winery - Boulder, CO
6440 Odell Place
Boulder, CO
Alright folks, I've started my winery/vineyard trek of Colorado. Something tells me that this is going to likely span a couple of years in order to completely do any justice to Colorado's wine country - I'm up for the challenge!
I had some business up in the Boulder area, so I figured that would be the perfect time to get rolling with my Tour de Colorado. First and foremost, I have to say that the individuals that own the wineries in the Boulder area are a fantastic and genial bunch. I got in contact with 4 wineries in the area; however, the large majority are open pretty much Thur-Sun, so my Monday visit was not able to fit in with all of their schedules, so I missed out on two, but I got to visit two, so it wasn't all for naught.
Mike and his wife are the owners of the Boulder Creek Winery. In all of Mike's graciousness, they were closed on Monday, but he came in to show me around the place (to which I will desperately need to get back so I can sample some of their lovely wine). I'm not completely familiar with Boulder, but I have to say that most of the wineries are well within a 10 - 20 minute drive of one another. Although some are in places named, Niwot...but it's close to Boulder, so I just lump those in with the "Boulder" area.
The Boulder Creek Winery has been around for 8 years, and in that time, they've amassed some pretty impressive awards for their wines. One of which, was a prestigious honor of attending a premier wine show and tasting in Paris, France (by the way, Paris is
one of Chicks That Trips, areas of speciality, and a place that this chick absolutely loves). Their winery, while small, is well maintained, clean and comfortable. The tasting room is essentially right off of the front door entrance, but I can imagine once the vino starts flowing...no one much cares how much space there is, as long as no one takes their wine glass away. Boulder Creek Winery is open year round 1:00-5:30 p.m. Thursday - Sunday, and closed Mon - Wed.

Where all the work is done!

Stainless steel and pristine clean.

Intimate tasting area and where selection of wines are showcased.

Wall of awards.

Winery Showcase: Redstone Meadery
4700 Pearl St, #2A
Boulder, CO
(720) 406-1215

What's better than a winery, than a winery tour and free wine??? Well, that's what the Redstone Meadery offers Monday - Saturday. They have allocated hours whereby they take you through their small, but powerful winery. The owner, David Myers, or as he calls himself, "Chairman of the Mead," takes you on an information filled tour of his winery, as well as the history behind the "mead."
I cheated a little bit and googled some information that I lost during the tour in respect to the "Honeymoon" and how that name came about, and how the delicious mead (honey wine) fits into the history of the "Honeymoon."
“The Scandinavian word for honeymoon is derived, in part, from an ancient Northern European custom in which newlyweds, for the first month of their married life, drank a daily cup of honeyed wine called mead. The ancient practices of kidnaping of bride and drinking the honeyed wine date back to the history of Atilla, king of the Asiatic Huns from A.D. 433 to A.D. 453.” (http://www.hudsonvalleyweddings.com/guide/honey.htm)

Hmmm, sounds like a lifetime of happiness, or at the very least, drunkin' debauchery. David is able to get all of this information disseminated, as well as talk about his days of brewing beer in his basement (and drinking said beer), all within a thirty minute time frame, along with the wine tasting! I must admit that I was a bit put off about the concept of honey wine. I had a misconception that the wine would be sickeningly sweet, and barely palatable, but I have to say, I was wrong. Yes, I was wrong. I had another appointment, so I stayed for 20 minutes of this tour (as I arrived at 2:30 p.m. for the 3:00 p.m. tour). Upon arrival, I was able to sample several of the carbonated, sparkling nectar's. The alcohol content of the carbonated drinks is 8%, but they were delicious and smooth. The apricot kissed nectar was spectacular; it likens itself very much to an Ace Cider (but better). It's light, and since it's carbonated, I imagined I was sipping on a glass of champagne kissed with apricot, or a beer. I know, I know they shouldn't be described in the same breathe, but I respect my beer, and I love my champagne!
It's easy to tell that the history behind the founder of this company has a strong inclination to beer, because while I was sipping on my free samples, I really did feel like I was drinking a flavored beer...and that's not a bad thing. The flavor was smooth, rich and mellow. There was no cloying sweetness or even a large acknowledgement of the honey (no offense to the honey). If I didn't know I was tasting mead, I wouldn't have even realized it, and would have thought it was one of the flavored speciality beers that have been popping up all over the place. In reverence to the honey wine, anybody who has been staying away from mead because they believe it's going to be a sickeningly sweet concoction that will leave your tongue dripping in honey - give it a try, I promise, you won't be disappointed.
The Redstone Meadery is also in a small space, but like the Boulder Creek Winery, they make great use of their space. The Redstone Meadery has wonderful glass topped wine barrels that serve as tables that are situated in the sitting area. Also, as an added bonus, there are an assortment of table games that are provided by the Meadery for your enjoyment, so whether you are awaiting one of the tours, or just popping in for a taste of their fantastic mead, you will have something to occupy your taste buds as well as your mind.
Pour la santé!

Tasting room board!

Wonderful, cobalt blue and glass assortments of their wonderful wine!

Write-ups...who can take away from the write-ups of the meads wonderfulness?

Comfy seating while you wait or drink.

*photos by That Chick


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