Monday, August 2, 2010

Part 10 Of Series: 101 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

Part 10 Of Series: 101 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

There is a big difference between "being on vacation," and "going on vacation." The "being" is great, the "going" is not. Between all of the newest and cutest (sarcasm) TSA requirements; country requirements, and just plain getting prepared, there are a lot of important components in respect to traveling; especially if you are going abroad.

Working with a Travel Professional can afford you a peace of mind, because if there is something that goes awry while you are traveling, there is someone in your home country that is accessible to assist you while you are away. If you lose your passport, or need a phone number that may not be readily accessible while you are traveling abroad, you have a "go to" person who can take some of the worry away. Vacation should be a time of fun, reflection, downtime and rejuvenation. The worse thing that can happen on a vacation is for something bad to happen, and then you are forced to spend hours on the phone with someone who may, or may not speak your language, thus cutting into your vacation time. A Travel Professional can take some of that burden off of your shoulder so you can do what you went away to do and that is - enjoying your vacation.

  • Business Concerns - If the airline you are scheduled to use goes on strike or bankrupt while you are traveling, your travel agent can work to find you alternate travel means while you continue to relax at the hotel.
  • Transportation in Smaller Countries - Travel agents can arrange all your transportation and travel needs, especially in those smaller countries where you may not know if cabs or van services are safe.
  • Group Hotel Reservations - Travel agents can help to keep everyone in the group on the same floor at a hotel.
  • Charter Private Boating Trips - Travel specialists can help you to avoid paying top dollar for chartered snorkeling or fishing trips for large groups. They can often find great deals for large groups who want to do personalized tours.
  • Immunizations That May Be Needed - To enter certain countries you may be required to obtain certain immunizations first. Your travel expert can advise you on the steps you need to take.
*Source information provided by ASTA

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