Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Almost That Time Of The Year Again --- FOOTBALL SEASON!

It's Almost That Time Of The Year Again --- FOOTBALL SEASON!
My throat is dry and scratchy. I can feel my heart palpitating and my blood pressure is going up (fortunately, it's NOT a serious health condition). It's from yelling on the sidelines; on my couch, or at my favorite Sport's Bar - it's Football Season! While the beginning of football season marks the end of long, sultry summer days, family vacations and mosquitoes (thank goodness on that one); it is a whole different ball game (pun intended). Tailgaters, beer (preferably Stella Artois or Blue Moon), hot wings and yelling...lots of yelling.

Anybody who has gone to a live football game can attest to the rush of adrenaline that you get just by pulling into the parking lot of your favorite college, professional, or heck, even a high school football stadium to see your favorite team play. I've been extremely blessed in my life that I have been to my fair share of high school, college, professional (including Canadian league) football games. While I love the sport, it's also the shared camaraderie amongst all of the fans for both teams and the electricity in the air that keeps me excited and energized throughout the entire football season. It's great to be at your favorite bar, or at home watching a game, but there is nothing like being at your favorite game. Whether I am watching the guys run onto the field completely smashing one another to smithereens in beautiful Southern California weather or blistering cold New England weather, there is nothing quite like it.

Even though it's only preseason, and most people I speak to detest preseason. I am the exact opposite. It's like having that pretest or quiz that you know doesn't mean anything in respect to your grades, but can play a huge part in how you feel about yourself when you score a 100% on the "practice" test to get your mind working to take the "real" tests later in the year. Preseason is the ultimate practice test because it's the first time the guys are on the field playing against other opponents. For some of the guys they are rookies, and it's their first time on that field, and for others they are veterans and it's just another day in the office - or is it? I believe that no matter how many times they've been there before, it's always an exhilarating feeling to step onto that field and see the hundreds of thousands of people who've come to watch them play. I just can't imagine that getting old. Maybe we should ask Brett Favre; obviously he can't quite let it go either!

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