Monday, January 31, 2011

Restaurant Week - Coming to a City Near You!

Restaurant Week - Coming to a City Near You!
I get like Pavlov's dog when I hear that restaurant week is about to begin. My tongue hangs out of the corner of my mouth, and mini visions of exotic dishes dance through my head. By the way, calling it restaurant week is a bit of a misnomer, since it's been so successful that here, at least, they have stretched it to two weeks.

Restaurant week in the Denver area begins February 26, and goes through March 11. I am going to try at least three restaurants in that time frame, and more, if possible. It is a bit of a decadence; however, given the opportunity to try a restaurant with their premier dishes at a fraction of their original menu price is something that I just have to do. It is, shall we say, my calling. I must answer!

The top three I know I will be going to are as follow:
  • 1515
  • Bistro Vendome
  • Del Frisco's (where I've been, but one of my friends would like to go)

There are several others that I may try to get to as well, but at least I have some priorities. I've heard some great things about another restaurant called, Colt & Gray, so I will more than likely slip that one into the mix as well.

The prices are great, because you can go as a single person and pay $26.00 or go with someone else and pay $52.00. I like that option, because there are numerous occasions where either a. I want to go to a place where nobody else wants to go, or b. I want to go buy myself, so having the single person option is a great benefit. Long gone are the days where a host or hostess makes you feel like an outcast by stepping into a restaurant by yourself. Actually, quite a few savvier restaurants have begun implementing communal type seating, which encourages those who are in larger groups, or alone, to have a place to sit and eat, and possibly get to meet new people. I don't think the restaurants intentions are to serve as a "love connection," but they are simply capitalizing on a market that is ever increasing.

My recommendation would be for everyone to google their cities name, and see if/when restaurant week begins where you are. Enjoy, and happy eating!

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