Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sit and Relax

Sit and Relax

It is easy to get stuck in a rut; be unproductive; kvetch about what is not going right, versus reveling in what is going right - the list is endless. What I do know, is that this type of behavior is counterproductive and does not help to further your goals. I know this, because I had been having a moment of the "blahs" recently too, but imagine my surprise when a simple bagel, and chicken salad (with a glass of wine) helped to brighten not only my day, but my outlook on everything.

I ventured into a Denver neighborhood haunt, Zaidy's Deli, located in Cherry Creek, Colorado. Zaidy's has been around for years, and if you crave a bagel with chicken salad, or a delicious pastrami sandwich with tons of pickles and sauerkraut (or any kind of sandwich), delightful breakfast, or scrumptious and embarrassingly large desserts, then Zaidy's will hit the spot.

On this particular afternoon I could not decide what I wanted to eat, so I decided on an everything bagel with a side of chicken salad. I sat on the porch that faces a relatively busy street (1st avenue), but since it is set back in the tiny strip mall where it is located, it is not as if I was huffing diesel fuel as cars passed me by. My waitress brought me my delectable bites and I was immediately transported to the days when I was a child, and my mom would bring me a special treat of chicken salad on a pumpernickel bagel. I smiled and relaxed as the sun hit my face, and I felt all of the stress and annoyance ease out of my body. I sipped my wine and simply enjoyed my food. No rush. No fuss. I read several articles from Travel Leisure magazine and actually forgot about all of the issues and worries that had been forefront on my mind.

The act of simply sitting seemed to rid me of my negative energy. After I finished eating (and yes, I munched away on every last bite), I remained seated and soaked in the fresh air with no pressing sense of urgency to be or do anything - I simply relaxed.

Hoping you find your own special place; wherever that may be, so you can also sit and relax.

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