Monday, May 23, 2011

Concerts, Music & Fun in the Sun

Concerts, Music & Fun in the Sun

I have a love of music - I always have, and I always will. If I am having a lousy day, nothing can make me feel better than listening to some good music. I can move between a lovely concerto; to hip hop; to big band. Regardless if it's Eric Clapton, Mtume, Kenny G, Maxwell, Rod Stewart, Kanye, Tu Pac, Carrie Carpenter, U2, Van Halen, Cyndi Lauper, George Michael, Kelly Clarkson; the list is endless, because I simply appreciate music and all the aspects of it.

During this time of year I start looking for the outdoor concerts and seeing which ones may fit my tightly packed schedule. The summertime makes me want to be outside, so I am fond of venues where the concerts are held out doors, and the closer to the beach or wine country they are - the better. California is flush with concerts throughout the year, but one of the big ones is the Playboy Jazz Festival, held at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. If you've ever been to this concert, you know that it's a cornucopia of top performers in the jazz industry. There are a host of other concerts held in the Los Angeles (or surrounding) area - it makes me a bit envious that they are stocked piled with the some of the best concerts and venues.

Despite the fact that (in my opinion) California is one of the best places to attend outdoor concerts, there are a host of other cities and that have fantastic concerts throughout the year; for instance, here in Colorado they have an awesome Winter Park Jazz Festival. My advice is to get online and check them out in your area, so you can take a break, sit back, and sip on a nice beverage of choice and enjoy a relaxing day or night of music and fun.

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