Friday, July 22, 2011

Always Time to Eat, Drink and Be Merry - TAG Restaurant - Larimer Sq. - Denver, CO

I love to have friends come and visit me, because that gives me a reason to try out new restaurants and bars. Not to say I need any encouragement, but it's always fun to experience a great place with a friend.

Bar @ TAG Restaurant - Denver, CO
This past weekend, I had the pleasure of one of my friends visiting me, and let  me tell you, we ate, drank and were extremely merry! We didn't cause a raucous or anything, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

In order for us to be able to partake of libations, we decided to stay downtown. Everything is close and in walking distance, so that was an easy decision to make, plus our hotel at the Westin, had a great pool to lay out on...come on, life just does not get better than that...or can it?

Mini Chicken Tacos (yum!)
There were a few places I took my friend to, where I had been before, (some of which are my favorite haunts). On Friday evening, we strolled into TAG restaurant during their "Social Hour." My friend had a "Black Rose" (which she loved) and I just had a simple vodka tonic, but as you can see from the picture above, the bartenders here are mixologist! The muddler was working hard that evening, as our bartender mixed up a bevy of cocktails. While the drinks were delicious, our food was absolutely fantastic! I had the appetizer of chicken tacos, and my friend had some delicately, exquisite sushi rolls. I can not begin to tell you the joy my mouth felt as I took in the delicious mini bites of tacos. The chicken was chopped small and crispy, served with shredded napa cabbage, a light sauce (of some sort) and a slice of avocado. While it may sound simplistic and easy (which I'm sure is what they are going for), the taste was big, bold and in your face. We did not stay there for dinner, but I assured our bartender that TAG would now be on my rotation of restaurants to go to on a regular basis.

The atmosphere  is laid back; although, some may consider it a bit foo, foo...I revel in foo foo, so it worked just fine for me. Also, it seems they have a sense of humor too, as the decor is sleek and contemporary with beautiful lighting; yet, fun and interesting paintings on the wall.

We ate at more places during the course of the weekend such as, Snooze, a delightful breakfast joint that is oh, so, worth the hour long wait (I'll be showcasing them in the future). Also, Rioja, again, this will be its own write-up as the food there was divine and intoxicating, and is well deserving of its own kudos. All in all, we had a great time and relaxed. Ah, for the lovely summer days!

*photos provided by that Chick Té

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