Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keeping Up With the In Crowd

Keeping Up With the In Crowd

 There is a never ending amount of information out there in cyber space. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and time consuming to figure out just what you should, and want to read in order to stay "in the know." I get asked a lot by people who know that I blog and do other freelance writing, "Who/what do you read?"

I'll be the first to admit that I am selective about what I sign up for, because my in box is already stuffed to the gills with items I have to read; therefore, anything I read for enjoyment is fairly limited.  With that being said, I'll share just a few of my favorite sites that I have signed up for:
  • Reign (www.denverreign.com) - This is a newly re-launched site by Betsy Martin. Her website is hip, cheeky, sleek and definitely one that I look forward to reading when it's delivered to my in-box on Tuesday & Thursday. That is one of its benefits; I am not inundated by daily emails. Their delivery method is twice a week, and the information is fresh, interesting and in tune with the type of lifestyle I like to live.
  • Tasting Table (www.tastingtable.com) - Yes, we all know I love food,  so it would go without saying that one of my favorite websites is Tasting Table. They send information on everything food related. It can be about a new chocolate bar infused with Scotch; to a new Chef who has launched a new cook book; farmers' markets around the U.S., and everything in between.
  • Urban Daddy (www.urbandaddy.com) - Urban Daddy provides timely information about what is going on in select cities of the U.S., like D.C., New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Whether it's a new art gallery opening; an innovative new restaurant on the scene; or information on businesses that serve your every whim, Urban Daddy is one of my premier sites to find out what's going on in some of the areas I enjoy and/or frequently travel.
If you have never heard of these sites before, I would recommend you take a cruise through and check out what's going on so you stay "in the know" too!

*photo taken by That Chick Té


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