Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Part 23 of Series: 101 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

Part 23 of Series: 101 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

Misleading information seems to be par for the course in many industries. There are "teaser rates" in the credit card industry; unbelievable car deals at the car dealerships (which turns out to be one car at their deep discounted price); and the "out of this world" airfare rates. No wonder people are so confused when they are researching a product or service.

In relationship to the travel world, there are some things that truly are "too good to be true," and also in the realm of, "you get what you pay for." Some of the companies with discounted prices are not intentionally trying to be misleading, but in an ad, there is only so much space, so some information has to be left out; therefore, when a person on the East coast sees an ad for a deeply discounted flight to say, Hawaii, but then they call and find out the price is three times the ad price, it makes the person scratch their head and automatically think they are getting duped.

The reality is (using the aforementioned example), given the geographic location where someone lives, their flights to certain destinations may be more or less than someone else in another geographic area. Case in point, a person (typically) flying from the West coast, can oftentimes get a better price on a flight to Hawaii, than a person flying from farther away in the Midwest, or from the East. Just like you will see there are sometimes better (direct) flights from New York to London, than anywhere else in the country. The time of year you travel also plays a large part in pricing for certain destinations (Mexico in the Winter, Europe in the Summer), as well as just plain ole' "supply and demand." When you work with a travel professional, if there is flexibility within your travels, they are able to ask  the right questions that will assist them in making the best recommendations for you and your travel needs.

  • Help, I’m Lost!!!!!! - If you should get lost somewhere along the way your travel agent could be a good outlet for help. 
  • It just Makes Sense to Use a Travel Agent! 
  • They’re There… Use Them - Why do the work if someone else like a travel specialist can. 
  • Possibility of a Free Gift - Some travel agents offer free incentives. Who doesn’t like the possibility of free presents?
  • Even if the Internet Goes Down Your Trip Can Still Be Planned -Your travel agent is still getting your trip planned even if your internet at home or at the office is not working.
*Source: American Society of Travel Agents

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