Friday, September 16, 2011

Want to Get Away? Hit the Road!

Yes, I know. The last, fleeting moments of Summer are easing out of our system; being replaced by the beauty of Fall.

It is an antsy time of year for me, because the weather is still nice, and all I want to do is jump in the car and let my foot hit the pedal and cruise off someplace fun and exciting.

Road trips are cathartic and allow you to become one with yourself. It is a time to mentally begin  preparation for the (soon to arrive) holiday season. These are the last vestiges of sanity before we are catapulted into the pressure filled months of November, December and lest not forget, "Resolution January."

If there is one last personal trip you would like to take before the end of the year, I recommend you packing up a little overnight bag and hitting the road. Enjoy these last moments of Summer - any way you like!

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