Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hotel Spotlight: Hotel Teatro - Denver, CO

Outdoor patio area on side of Hotel Teatro
It is rarely dark and dreary in Denver, Colorado, but on this particular late afternoon, the clouds are menacing and angry. The light rain has been trickling off and on for several hours throughout the day, and there appears to be no end in sight. Parking is always a tricky and expensive proposition in any downtown city, and Denver is no exception. I am fortunate to find an evening lot that will only fleece me $5.00 for the remainder of the evening – not bad.  As I meander up the street towards my ultimate destination, Hotel Teatro, I close my umbrella and allow the light raindrops to brush my cheeks. It is a refreshing feeling and makes me feel like a child.

Picture of Tramway Building being built
Hotel Teatro is housed in a historic building in downtown Denver. It was originally constructed in 1911 as the Denver Tramway building, and has seen a fair amount of renovations, updates and changes throughout the years.  Mere steps away are the Denver Center for Performing Arts, the 16th Street Mall, and Larimer Square. Hotel Teatro is blessed to be in close proximity to the downtown city life, but tucked away enough to revel it its own intimate privacy.  Prior to my visit, I was in contact with their PR representative, BrieAnn Fast of B Public Relations, and the General Manager of Hotel Teatro, Jim Turner, in order to ensure it would be acceptable for me to take some photographs of their property –  I was graciously given the “green light” to forge ahead.

Bar area inside Hotel Teatro
I entered the property on the side entrance, since their main entryway was under renovations. The doorway  leads immediately into their bar area. The space is cozy and accommodates more than a dozen tables, as well as the seats at the bar. I made my way through the bar into the mini waiting area off of the lobby check-in station. Each of the walls are covered with varying art work from performances, including large, framed pieces of clothing from plays that have taken place at the Denver Center for Performing Arts.  Several comfortable seating areas are located in the waiting area, one of which faces an alluring fireplace.

Deluxe Corner King Room
While awaiting my mini tour to be given by Ms. Fast, I decided to sit and do a bit of people watching. During my visit, the hotel was completely filled to capacity, and given there is a major hotelier directly across the street from this location, it bodes well for Hotel Teatro that they are still able to fill rooms. The age group that tends to be at this congenial boutique hotel seems to rest in the late thirties to early forties range. Granted, there were other age groups representing their clientele, but the individuals I saw checking in and out tended to be in the aforementioned age group.

Both Mr. Turner and Ms. Fast arrived at about the same time and I introduced myself to them both, and thanked them for being so hospitable and allowing me to “poke” around the hotel. During our brief exchange, I asked them both if they had seen any changes in their occupancy since the large, luxury brand hotel recently located directly across the street. Both Mr. Turner and Ms. Fast conveyed that Hotel Teatro guests tend to come because of the general ambiance of the hotel; the art located throughout the property; and the more personal experience that oftentimes can only be accomplished at a smaller, boutique property. I have stayed at the Hotel Teatro before, and I tend to agree with them.

Dress worn by Annette Bening
My brief tour began in the basement, where several wall mounted shelves showcased numerous masks and head pieces from various plays. Also on display were a variety of costumes that were worn by popular performers, like Annette Bening, in Anton Chekhov’s, The Cherry Orchard. The entire property boasts black, white and gray swirled marble staircases and walls; elegant crown molding; and impressive light fixtures and framed prints.  There is an upstairs eating area, as well as cozy meeting rooms. Although Hotel Teatro is not big on grandiose spaces, there are more than enough intimate and tucked away spots that can accommodate individuals or small groups of people. Hotel Teatro has everything one would need to take a brief respite from the hectic day to day life. 

Seating off main lobby area

There is valet parking available at check-in, and one of the top voted Denver restaurants, Kevin Taylor, is located on the premises. This is the sort of place you can sneak away to and never have to leave the property, or you can wander aimlessly down the streets, stopping in at varying martini lounges, restaurants and shopping; all within a short distance from the hotel. The use of theater as art is seamlessly woven into the very texture of the property, thus creating the feeling that Hotel Teatro is not simply a place to stay, but is also a stage for all of those who inhabit the premises.

*photos taken by That Chick Té; photo of Deluxe King Corner Room Courtesy of Hotel Teatro

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