Monday, May 28, 2012

Sense Clothing - Sensible & Fun!

Sense Clothing - Infinity Scarf
Full fledged travel season is upon us, as the airports and roads fill with harried travelers' beginning their mass exodus to places known and unknown. Sometimes it is hard to decide what to pack when going on vacation, but with the help of Sense Clothing, you can travel in comfort, and arrive in style. Recently we, at Chicks That Trip, were interviewed by the talented and energetic Brittany Cupp, Sales & Marketing Associate of Sense Clothing. You can see the interview here on Sense Clothing's Facebook page.

I am a strong advocate for the "less is more" style of travel, and I believe it's not necessary to take every item you own, when in actuality, you a. won't be able to wear everything you take, and b. you have to carry all of that unnecessary luggage (imagine schlepping several bags onto a train in Italy - not a fun experience. Or worse, paying horrendous fees in luggage weight). Having the ability to mix and match clothing, as well as having clothing that unpacks with ease are a few of the things I look for in travel clothing, and Sense Clothing hits that bulls eye every time. 

Sense Clothing and Chicks That Trip have put together a sensational travel incentive to get you all on your own travel adventure, so make sure to check out Sense Clothing's Facebook page and see our wonderful promo package incentive, designed just for our friends of Chicks That Trip & Sense Clothing.

 *Photo courtesy of and used by permission from Sense Clothing 

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