Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Featured Event: What is Mystery Meet?

What is Mystery Meet?

I am constantly on the prowl for new and interesting experiences around food, and when you throw in an incredible story in there, it makes it even more provocative.

Mystery Meet fits the bill. But what is it? Well, their site states the following:
"We bring together adventurous foodies for a night of social dining at the hottest restaurants. There's only one don't find out where you're going until 24 hours in advance."
Now, how cool is that? With the trending of people being hooked on social media, and preferring to FaceBook, versus actual person-to-person interaction; Mystery Meet may be just what the foodie world needed. It's not only an exciting concept for the "surprise" element of not knowing where you are going to dine, but there is also the "puzzle" aspect (there are clues supplied prior to the event, so you can try to figure out which mystery restaurant you will be dining); and finally, the coming together of a diverse and eclectic group of people who also share an interest and (hopefully) love for food. I have no problem dining alone; sometimes, I prefer it, but there are times where a meal is so decadent and over the top, that you just want to run around telling everyone you know, about the "best meal you've ever had!"

I mentioned the incredible story, and that is regarding the founder of Mystery Meet, Seth Resler. You can read the touching and inspirational story about his being a victim of a random act of violence, in his November 2012 blog posting. In his post, Seth describes the reinventing of Mystery Meet, as well as his slow and steady recovery from the nerve damaging injuries he sustained during the attack.

Mystery Meet is currently soliciting feedback for a Food Tourism Conference they will be hosting later in 2013. You can take the survey and answer the questions around activities and venues you may be interested in knowing more about during the Food Tourism Conference.

Personally, I am excited about Mystery Meet, and look forward to participating in some of the meets they have throughout the U.S.

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  1. Our Kickstarter campaign has launched! You can help bring this event to Providence here:

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