Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Lovely Villagio Inn & Spa....Do You Mean Bellagio?

When talking about the beautiful Villagio Inn & Spa located in Yountville Napa Valley, CA, it's like that old Abbott & Costello skit of "Who's on First?" Well, at least that's how I feel.

Me: I had the most relaxing weekend in Napa.
Them: Where did you go?
Me: A sumptuous Inn & Spa called Villagio.
Them: The Bellagio is in Vegas????
Me: Not "B"ellagio, "V"illagio; which is located in Napa Valley.
Them: I didn't know they had a Bellagio in Napa Valley! Can you gamble there too?
Me: sigh......

Yes, those conversations go nowhere fast! They are simply annoying and a lot of explaining occurs.

As I am sitting here listening to Christmas music and reading through my "Wine Spectator" magazine, it called to mind my Girls' Weekend in Napa Valley, CA, a few years ago. Three of us decided that we would go to Napa since one of our girlfriends had a gift certificate to the spa. Now mind you, this isn't some low budget establishment. The backdrop for this Tuscan style Inn are beautiful rolling vineyards, with some of the best restaurants (see: French Laundry), and shopping you can find in the Northern California regions; but, it comes at a nice price tag. Let me just say this, it's worth every single penny you will spend to go there.

Upon arrival we had our spa treatments in the late morning through early afternoon. We dropped our bags off in our room. The room had two immaculately dressed beds; a grandiose bathroom of cream, gold and tan tiles that made me want to weep; a complimentary bottle of wine, and a view from our mini patio looking upon the gorgeous courtyard that is pictured above.

We headed across the perfectly manicured property on a glorious October day to get our spa treatments, and for me, it was one of the best spa experiences of my life. I had one of the tiniest massage therapists I've ever seen, but she worked the kinks out of my neck, shoulders and back like a pro! I treated myself to a swedish massage, body scrub, body wrap, and oil rub down. They provide you with a wide selection of aromatherapy oils that they use to lube you up and rub you down. I selected grapefruit and almond because they are two of my favorites, and grapefruit would greatly come into play later in the evening with my selection of white wine that I would be consuming.

While the wrap treatment was a bit disconcerting at first (I'm claustrophobic), I have to admit, after I calmed myself down and she gave me several sips of cucumber water - I was in heaven. My mind drifted to far off places, and when she returned about twenty minutes later to unwrap me and apply warm towels to my über relaxed body, I was saddened that it was over.

As party girls must do - we ate, drank and became very merry throughout our short stay at the Villagio Inn & Spa. The service was stellar from check-in; spa treatments; recommendations for vineyards, and their delicious Champagne Brunch. The food was a wide assortment of the continental breakfast variety as well as an exceptional omelet bar, and of course, the Champagne.

This year is almost over and there are still those last minute Christmas packages to procure, wrap and shove under the tree, as well as thoughts for the New Year celebrations that will surely take place. Let me just say that a relaxing, quick vacation can make a world of difference in your health and well being. We at Chicks That Trip, ( are here to provide your Optimal Travel Experience! Think of us as you start thinking about your own little private place away from the hustle and bustle. Whether it's a long weekend trip to Napa Valley, or somewhere a little farther for a lot longer like the South of France, let us do the planning, so you can enjoy and be stress free for 2010!

*photo provided by That Chick Té on her visit to Napa Valley's Villagio Spa & Inn

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