Monday, December 28, 2009

Ohhhh The Terror!!! Well, Terror Creek Vineyard That Is!

Terror Creek Vineyards - Paoina, Colorado

So, this chick will be tooling around Colorado come early Spring to visit the vineyards located in what some would call an unlikely wine country, but nonetheless, beautiful. I've been working on several concepts for marketing campaigns for 2010, and during a conversation with my mother (who doesn't drink by the way), I've decided to embark on visiting every vineyard located in Colorado - which is about 100 or so (give or take). I've decided to begin this adventure during the Spring, when it's less...oh, frosty outside! That means NO SNOW! Now, anybody who lives in Colorado is likely laughing at my assertion that there will be no snow in Spring. Yes, yes, I know there will likely be snow, but it won't be as plentiful as it is now (at least I hope not).

Wine and food have a natural affinity towards one another. When reading or watching movies, you will see/ or read about a bottle or two (or three) being served and savored. Our countrymen in Europe, and other countries, have long held that a swirling glass of liquid joy is the ideal compliment to enhance a superb meal. Whether that meal is a petite filet mignon, a bowl of pasta al fresco, or a French pot-au-feu; the absence of a well appointed wine can make the difference between a simply good meal versus an outstanding one!

As I plan to embark on this endeavor, I look forward to partaking (responsibly) of a glass or two of what will likely be some good wine, and invariably some "not so good" wine too! I will be honest and forthright in any descriptions and depictions I may have of these vineyards; while being as respectful as possible. I don't pretend to be a wine aficionado, nor a sommelier; however, I do have tastebuds, and I know what is downright insulting, and what is palatable.

During this (not so small feat) I intend on eventually amassing a fair amount of knowledge on vineyards not only in Colorado, but also in several other States, as well as a couple of other countries abroad, like France and Italy. I don't look at this as work, but more of an education and opportunity to provide my intimate knowledge to those who may not have the time, patience or inclination to visit hundreds of vineyards.

In the following months, I look forward to providing some interesting factoids and information on the wonderful wines of Colorado. Pour votre santé! (translation: For your health).

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