Friday, July 20, 2012

The Art of Travel Part 9: Your Return

(Long Sigh)...So, you return back home from trekking across the Himalayas; dining in Aruba; surfing in Hawaii, or wherever your travels have taken you, but now, it's back to the real world. Don't fret! There is a bit of a letdown feeling once your travels are completed, but it also feels good to be back home too.

My recommendation to beat the "just returned from vacation blues," is to start planning another trip! While most of us can ill afford to take back to back vacations, it is fun to go through all of your new photos and treasures you picked up on your recent trip, and then start planning another fabulous vacation! As my business partner always says, "I need something to look forward to." I get it.

Upon your return you should:
  • Share your photos (maybe not all of your photos), with your friends and family. You can FaceBook, Pinterest, and any other forms of sharing that you may utilize.
  • If you have a desk at work or a home office, place a couple of your most recent photos up at your desk, but also put up a couple of photos of destinations you would like to explore in the future. This way, you can gaze at your past experiences, and relish in anticipation for  your next trip.
  • Perhaps you experienced top level service at the resort or hotel where you stayed. Send an email or write a nice card to the property letting them know that your expectations were exceeded, and if there were any particular staff members that are memorable - call out their names. Hey, everybody likes to be appreciated, and it will make them feel good that they helped to enhance your vacation experience. 
  • Conversely, if you had a sub par experience, you should let them know too. That doesn't mean you have to get on TripAdvisor and blast the property, but a polite letter to the MOD (Manager on Duty) or GM (General Manager) is always appreciated. They need to know what they are doing well, and where they have areas of opportunity. 
  • Finally, take some time to decompress and recall your experiences. Vacations don't come everyday, so extend that feel good mood for as long as you can!
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