Friday, July 6, 2012

Trucking Right Along!

Can you believe this year is half way over? As I celebrated the 4th of July holiday it struck me that this year is at the midway point, and I still have SO much to accomplish.

I got to thinking about truck drivers. They cover a lot of territory over a few days, and they tend to see it all. Hailstorms, fires, floods, snow storms and the like, but yet, they keep trucking right along. When I used to drive from Colorado to California (and back) during my college years, I enjoyed sharing the highways with these  road warriors, because they knew how to keep moving, even during the worst situations.

A large portion of our country has been immersed in a serious heat wave. Power has been out  for a large portion of those in the Northeast region, and fires have taken hold of Colorado and several other bordering states like Wyoming and New Mexico. I don't know about you all, but if there ever was a time to take a vacation, it would be now. Wherever your travels may take you during these summer months, enjoy them and keep on trucking!

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